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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Ya gotta do what ya gotta do

Jaimie here.  Shelly has always hated our main bathroom, and to be quite honest, so have I.  As you can see below, it's tiny (can't do anything about that) and very dated.

The sink is cracked, though it doesn't leak, and there is no vent fan (there is a window, so it's technically up to code).  The absence of a vent fan wasn't an issue before we had the windows replaced with well-sealed low-e, yadda yadda yadda, modern windows.  Now that there's no breeze blowing through the bathroom, the paint on the ceiling has started to peel and we get mildew or mold spots on the ceiling.  On top of that, the ugly teal tiles you can see in the first pic are horrible plastic things, and the shower surround was completely chopped when a previous owner put on a shower door (nasty things - hate 'em).  Here's the result of the bad surround installation:

It's a huge spot of rot behind the surround.  That section of wall will have to be replaced with greenwall.  We decided that, since I'm on Spring Break this week, we would replace the tub and its enclosure.  (Note that I also have to write a bunch of lesson plans this week.)

We went shopping yesterday to order the tub we wanted, a deep soaking tub with a recirculating heater, and decided to do the floor and walls while we were at it.  Oh, and we also decided to replace that cracked sink.  Hundreds of dollars later, we had a plan and a vent fan.  The new tub and enclosure would be delivered on Sunday and I'd install it on Monday.  (That was before we found the rotten wall.)

We started removing tiles as soon as the girls were in bed.

As Shelly says, this part was a lot of fun!  We also pulled off the wallpaper and made a start at loosening the adhesive (yep, that's the order in which we did it).

They delivered the tub this morning (Sunday), and we discovered that I had not actually ordered the surround!  Shelly was a bit upset by this.  Sometime between the tub delivery and our leaving for Menard's, we decided to tile the tub enclosure instead of using a surround.  This meant more work, but it also meant we could do what we wanted with it.  We decided to do a simple brick pattern with 3x6 white "subway" tile.  In the end, Shelly decided she's glad I forgot to order the surround.

Below are pics of tonight's demolition progress.  I think it was another great date night.  Now I'm going to take a shower in the old tub and wash my leg where the cat just scratched me.  I'm sure Shelly will be posting later.  See ya!

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