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Saturday, May 18, 2013

Our yard in pictures - May 17, 2013

This is one of the several stepping stones the girls made

Yes, this is inside, but it's the "forest" the girls made to encourage Spring

Newly planted trees, shrubs, etc - all will hopefully produce yummy goodies for us

The chicks hiding from the drizzles

Another view of all the things we just put in - some neighbors love it, some hate it

The fairy garden, which also has potted trees: fig, banana, and pomegranate

The girls get to ride their upcycled tire horse near the fairies

The plum tree is in bloom, and has a 3-in-1 citrus and a stevia plant on its mulch

The new strawberry bed.  The other was way too crowded.  Flowering all ready!

The 6 raised beds (still needing planting for the most part), and the 8x8 acidic blueberry bed

The rabbits ate down the peach tree a couple years ago and now there are three branches.  I will attempt tree shaping around the ornament.

The rabbits ate down one of my honey berry plants.  Thankfully, I see some life.

The apple tree has leaves, but no blossoms yet.

The little cherry tree in the front yard that was a volunteer in a friend's garden and was gifted to us

Yep, indoors again.  The branch to hang the pics was a trimming from one of our fruit trees

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  1. nice to see all that potential! I'm looking forward to your updates, next year I'm hoping to put in a blueberry patch of my own. Good luck!