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Monday, March 19, 2012

Week 11: $25 in groceries

We're nearing down to the last few weeks of our challenge.  Though I'm looking forward to the end of the challenge, I don't believe that we will be spending quite as much on groceries as we used to before the challenge started.  I love that we can live mostly off of what we grow or buy locally. 

This is what we bought for the week:

Milk: $2.38
Coffee: $3.99 (Jaimie has been drinking a lot more, because our one cup coffee maker died so he started making a full pot.  Now that we've bought another one-cup, hopefully we'll have less coffee consumption - not for the grocery budget but for his caffeine intake).
Cheese: $1.79
Aged cheddar cheese: $4.29
Steak: $12.12 (yes, for one steak.  We were thinking we might go out to dinner on Saturday night so we wouldn't need to cook, but then we thought it'd be nice to have something on the grill to enjoy the weather.  We didn't have any steaks thawed, so Jaimie bought one from a very reputable meat shop.  He said that it was worth the price.  It was certainly less than eating out). 

That totals $24.57 for the week.

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