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Monday, March 19, 2012

Menu plan (3/19/12)

We did not get the bathroom project done this week, so we've got another week of quick meals to try to get it done in our ample spare time with Jaimie going to school full-time, me working full-time, and caring for two kids in diapers.  Plus, we're thinking that with this warm spell we should be working on our outdoor chores to prep for the garden.  So, more easy-peasy meals this week.

Sunday - we had take-n-bake pizza because it's delicious, Real, inexpensive, and we just didn't have the time for making food.

Monday - leftovers and pasta with garlic butter

Tuesday - Ostara Soufflé from Aldi Vegetarian

Wednesday - Chicken, carrots & corn

Thursday - stir fry with various veggies from the freezer and bean threads

Friday - noodle salad with leftover chicken (yes, it usually is 3-4 meals for one chicken), with pickled veggies (cukes, beets, green tomatoes, peppers, etc) on the side

Saturday - tortellini with garlic butter sauce (or pesto, but right now I'm loving garlic butter)

Sunday - We'll go with the flow and figure it out.  Otherwise, if we can think of nothing, then we'll have creamy polenta with oregano (our oregano is already growing!)

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