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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Pineapple zucchini

On Pinterest there are several recipes floating around for canning zucchini like canned pineapple.  We tried this one, because it used a crock pot, so there wasn't much work involved, and because it was done in one evening rather than cooking it overnight.  It smelled good (but still more like a vegetable than fruit), it even tastes very pineapple-y, but we wound up with mostly juice and only two pints of "pineapple."  We used 3 medium zucchini and two globe squash, so we figured that would equal to 4 medium zucchini.  Our zucchini were 8-10 inches each.  It seemed like enough when cut up.  However, the zucchini does tend to be less volume, and there's a ton of liquid at the end.  I would recommend using nearly double the recommended amount of zucchini.  Tonight, we are cutting up more zucchini, and then putting the large amount of juice with the zucchini in the fridge to start the 4 hour cooking again.  We did get two cans tonight, but with the extra work, it doesn't seem like a time-saver, since we have to do it again tomorrow to get one full batch.  Maybe next time it will turn out well, when we add more zucchini. It was a fail, but thankfully one we can remedy.

Three peeled zucchini to go in for tomorrow's round of pineapple

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