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Friday, January 13, 2012

How we spent our first $25

We got a lot more than I figured we would be able to.

Almonds:  4.95 (on sale, after rebate - for snacking and making granola)
Cheddar cheese: 3.98 (we use a lot)
Heavy cream:  3.67 (for making ice cream and whole wheat ricotta triple berry scones)
Vanilla extract: 1.99 (just because we go through a lot, even though I didn't realize we had 2 already)
Milk: 4.58 (2 gallons, with coupon, for making cheese, baked goods & for drinking)
sugar:  2.98
neufchatel: 2.38 (for cream cheese wontons)

That brings our total to $24.53.  Pretty good!  I don't think we'll need so much dairy every week, but I do like making ice cream.  Notice how we learned pretty quickly that we won't be able to spend as we planned when we plan on buying non-essentials, like the Sprecher root beer that I wanted.


  1. Hey Jaimie and Shelly - how do you make cheese?
    BTW - this is Robin :-)

  2. I would also love to learn how to make cheese, I remember a pal in Chicago really enjoyed it! I am excited to read about your homesteading adventures. When we need to make do with what we have on hand in our kitchen/celler, we call it the pantry challenge. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't, but as long as we are honest, we learn and don't make it again.

  3. We'll get to making cheese this week and blog about it so you can see. I love the idea of a pantry challenge. It does make you become more creative. It also makes you use more discretion in spending - note that I didn't get what I'd originally planned because what I ended up getting was more useful.