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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Menu plan (3/12/12)

Sunday we had take-n-bake pizza because we were working on the bathroom project, because we just couldn't spend the time on dinner when we need to spend the time getting work done.  This week we'll be having dinners that are quick, so we can maximize our time working on the bathroom.

Monday: leftover pizza (we ordered quite a lot)

Tuesday: leftover chili from the freezer

Wednesday: wild rice soup with homemade bread

Thursday:  tortellini with a lemon butter sauce

Friday: spaghetti squash pesto

Saturday: Applesauce chicken over rice.  This can cook all day while we take the morning and early afternoon off from working to take the kids out for fun. 

Sunday: leftovers.  We actually really like leftovers.

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