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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Using up the rhubarb

Since our rhubarb is already growing, we've got to use up some of the rhubarb we have frozen.  And we have a lot frozen.  I came across this recipe and just adapted it to whatever fruit I had available.  If the recipe was for rhubarb or peach, why not rhubarb and peach?
 The recipe is easy enough and doesn't have that many ingredients.  It's basically brown sugar, oatmeal, butter, flour, & salt for the top & bottom.

The filling is your fruit, sugar, flour & nutmeg (yum).  It takes a whole 5 minutes to assemble and only 30 minutes to bake.

On our second crisp, we went with ground cherries, black raspberries & rhubarb.

The only problem is that the finished product does not seem to last.

We ate this entire thing in less than 24 hours

We've still got two gallons of rhubarb left, so when we're done eating our second crisp, we'll try out some recipes on this site, which has all the rhubarb recipes you'd ever want.

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