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Monday, March 5, 2012

Week 9: $25 in groceries

With going quite a bit overboard in week 8, we're trying to make up the difference in the next couple of weeks, rather than going without any groceries this week at all. 
These are our groceries for the week:

Eggs:  $3.50 for two dozen.  They are for sale for .99 a dozen elsewhere this week, but I like that the eggs we buy are local, organic, & free-range.

Bananas:  $.55

Avocados:  $3.56 (4 at .89 each)

Milk: $2.10 with coupon

Butter:  $2.94, on sale.  We didn't need it with some still in the freezer, but with a one-day sale for $.98 a pound, I bought 3.

Alaskan Pollock:  $4.64.  We haven't tried this before, but it's cheaper than tilapia so I thought we'd give it a try.

This week's total:  $17.29.  That leaves only $7.16 for next week (the $24.45 it was originally after week 8's budget, minus this week's.  I think that we will likely end up going over again next week and taking it out in a future week).

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