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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Week 10: $25 in groceries

This week we went over the $7+ that was from the week before last's overage, but I knew that would happen so I'm not all too concerned.  Also, I noted in a previous week that Jaimie spent $6.99 on coffee, but it was $6.50.

This week we bought:

Clementines: $3.48 (on sale, with coupon)
Grapefruit: $1.99 (5 lbs, on sale)
Bananas: $1.30
Heavy cream: $3.79
Peanut butter: $2.85
Coffee: $13.00 (organic, free trade).  Jaimie noted that if we really only had $25 a week to groceries all the time, he would give up coffee.  I suggested that we could probably still afford coffee but it'd be a different brand.  He said he'd give it up rather than drink something he doesn't like. He said that he felt guilty that he's the only one who drinks coffee and it always makes us go over budget.  I don't think it's that big of a deal considering that he doesn't go out and buy a cup (or two, or four) of coffee every day, and making it at home does save money if you're a coffee drinker. 

That totals $26.41.  I think we will have to call it a wash for week 8's overage.  Everyone goes over budget at times.

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