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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Week 4: $25 in groceries

With a plethora of decent coupons and sales, we got more than I expected we'd be able to with this week's $25.

We paid $15.29 on 2 bags of tortilla chips, grapes, clementines, heavy cream and cheddar cheese.
We spent another $4.16 on 2 avocados, one (more) bag of tortilla chips (we tend to go through a lot), and carrots.
Later, we spent $.79 on bananas.  I bought some last week thinking we'd make banana cream pie, but the bananas disappeared into little girls' bellies.
I still have just enough to buy 2 gallons of milk with a 2/$4.88 coupon!  I think we'll make more cheese out of it.  Ok, we're really .12 over, but I think it's pretty darn close.

[We didn't end up getting the milk, because we still had some, so we still made it under $25 with more bananas, - still need to make the pie -  garlic, and lasagna noodles.  Our toddler didn't feel well though, so we did buy some grapes which made us exactly $2 over.  I know we're slightly over, but the grapes were worth it for a sick babe].

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