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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Menu plan (1/22/12)

Well, we had crab this week.  Not only was it the only crab we had in the freezer so we won't be buying more because it's not local, but Jaimie started to get dizzy, which is how his allergy to lobster started.  Darn, I really love crab.  It was tasty, but so will the other foods we have planned.  This is what we've got planned for this week.

Sunday:  pasta with mom's ground beef and the ricotta that we made this past week.  I was thinking lasagna, but don't feel like going out in the cold to go use up some of $25 for the week, so we'll use some other noodles we have.  (I don't know what to call this, but it was SO good).

Monday:  Leftovers - there was a lot.

Tuesday: Black bean quesadillas.  These are so easy to make and taste so good.  It's just black beans, cheese, and tortillas cooked in the quesadilla maker.  Then we can dip them in our homemade salsa.

Wednesday:  Chili.  This will include leftover chili with some lamb in it, and will include whatever black beans and salsa is leftover from quesadilla night.

Thursday:  Baked chicken, random veggie from the freezer or cupboard, and rice.

Friday:  Stir fry with bean threads

Saturday:  Pesto spaghetti (we made a lot of pesto and we'll just choose one at random).

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