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Monday, January 16, 2012

Week 2: $25 in groceries

This week we bought:

2 gallons of whole milk (for the cheese making we're doing today): $4.88 with coupon
onions: $1.79
2 dozen local free-range (but for winter's protection) eggs: $3.50
garlic clove: $.90
4 avocados: $3.96 (on sale)
3 packs local cheddar cheese: $5.00/3 on sale

That totals $20.03, so we have $4.97 left for anything else we might want later in the week.

And quick-rise yeast: $2.29 (we only had the regular yeast).  We have $2.68 left, enough to get some more flour.

By Thursday, $2 in tortilla chips (no, I didn't want to make them), and we're under $25, with a total of $24.32!

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