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Sunday, January 22, 2012

lunch ideas

Jaimie is going back to school tomorrow for another semester.  There's no fridge or microwave available.  We want to keep eating real food, so there's not really an option for eating out (and that's a bit too expensive to do every day anyway).  Hopefully, we can keep things interesting while incorporating carbs and protein to keep the energy going for the entire day.

Lunch meat is not really under our definition of real food, so we've go to figure out what these lunches will contain.  So far, my cold lunch ideas (with using a cold pack) include pasta salad, muffins or scones (Jaimie notes that they unfreeze perfectly after a few hours), home made yogurt with home made granola, fried rice, wraps, sandwiches, pitas, peanut butter with fruit or crackers, etc. 

We'll see how well this works out!  When we come up with something really creative, we'll let you know.

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