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Monday, January 16, 2012

Cream cheese wontons

Jaimie loves to make (and eat) cream cheese wontons.  He likes his sweet rather than savory, but one day we'll try it savory.  It's just that every time he's in the mood to make them, we'd rather have them sweet.
First, prep your cream cheese mixture.  He put in cream cheese (well, neufchatel), lime juice and sugar.  Put in as much as you'd like, tasting the mixture till you've got what you want.  Put that in either a pastry bag or in a zip-top freezer bag (DON'T use a sandwich bag - it won't hold up to the squeezing) with a hole cut in the corner.

Lay out your wonton wrappers (easily found at the grocery store) and put about a teaspoon of cream cheese mix in the center.

Check out this recipe on the Grocery Cart Challenge's on-line recipe exchange.

Have a bowl of water nearby and just stick a finger or two in the water, put it on two edges of the wonton, then fold over the wonton into a triangle, pushing out all the air.

Wet the fingers again and fold over the two sides to make a little purse shape.

Get your oil going on the stove top and fry away (four or five at a time).  Let them rest of a paper towel lined tray for some of the oil to come off.  Enjoy.

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