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Sunday, January 15, 2012

menu plan (1/15/12)

Sunday:  We made a chicken with the polenta from yesterday, so today will be reinventing the leftovers.  I put all the chicken in the crock pot and Jaimie will add some homemade BBQ.  We've got buns and pitas in the freezer, so we'll use those up for BBQ chicken sandwiches and homemade sweet pickles & pickled beets for dinner.
Monday:  Homemade margarita pizza with homemade sauce, homemade mozzarella & basil leaves frozen from our garden.  
Tuesday: We didn't get around to the butternut squash casserole recipe in last week's menu. We did make this wonderful squash risotto, pictured below.  It was delicious - just chicken broth, squash, & rice in a crock pot.  

Wednesday:  Egg foo young.  We didn't get to that from last week either and I really want some.
Thursday:  Black bean quesadillas
Friday: crab (not local, but we had it in the freezer for awhile and we're not wasting it), baked potatoes, & whatever veggie we choose from the fridge.
Saturday: Quinoa made with homemade stock, topped with veggies.  Quinoa is full of protein.

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