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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Making tortillas

Homemade tortillas are delicious.  You know how you think that it will just save you the massive amount of time it would take to make something so you just buy it instead?  I used to think that about tortillas.  They may just be made out of a few ingredients, but it still seemed like a ton of work.  When Jaimie got me a tortillas press, I was excited but didn't think I would use it for all of our tortillas we go through (Lily loves to eat peanut butter on tortillas for snacks).  It's important to us to limit the ingredients in our foods to what we consume at our home, so it makes sense to make our own when we go through a lot of them.

Lily liked the idea of helping and liked to push down the handle on the press.  Jaimie then fried them up.  It was a good family activity too.

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  1. Jaimie here. Unfortunately, the third time we used the press, I broke the cast iron handle. The press comes with a replacement for the hinge pin, so I wouldn't have been surprised if I had broken or bent that, but the cast iron handle?? I e-mailed the customer service department at the manufacturer, but they haven't responded yet. Seriously, I need to put more kryptonite in my diet or something.