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Thursday, January 5, 2012

menu plan (1/8/12)

Sunday: Lamb stew.  We've got leftover lamb to use up.  We've also got onions, carrots & potatoes to add.  It'll be delicious.

Monday: Chili - leftovers from the freezer. 

Tuesday:  Black bean quesadillas.  I like to put this in the menu but now that we've switched to dried beans rather than canned, we need to be mindful of what's on the menu before we are hungry for dinner because even the quick method requires 2.5 hours.  If we think about the next evening's dinner, we could soak the beans overnight the night before.  Also, while we have some store bought tortillas, I want to start making my own more often.  We tried a couple of times but I would rather have a full batch and freeze them because it seemed like a lot of work for one meal.

Wednesday: I think we might try out this squash casserole

Thursday:  egg foo young.  I love having eggs that are local from the Mexican restaurant down the street.  I even blow out the pretty eggs to keep for a project I'm thinking of for spring.

Friday:  Tilapia fingers.  We had some walleye fingers at a restaurant (yes, mutant walleye) and they were delicious.  We'll try it with a beer batter and then cut up some sweet potato fries.  Yum. (Oh my, was this meal ever delicious).

Saturday:  Something with polenta.  We'll make it up.  Likely with either zucchini and tomato (Italian style) or some random veggies from the freezer. (Actually, we made it as a side dish to a baked chicken, along with some peas).

Jaimie making polenta


  1. Have you tried making your dried beans in the crock pot and then freezing them? I do this with my kidney beans. I soak them overnight in the crock, drain the water and put fresh water in then cook on low while I'm at work. Then I have beans ready to make chili that night and freeze the rest. I've also heard that you don't have to soak the beans, you can actually just go right to the cooking in the crock pot and they come out the same. The freezing is where they come really handy because I just defrost in the microwave and they're as good as canned. I freeze in freezer bags because I get them to lay flat and stack the bags in the freezer.