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Monday, January 16, 2012

Margherita pizza

Since we were making mozzarella, we decided to use some of the whey to make pizza dough.  Since we were making pizza dough and had mozzarella, we figured we'd make pizza.

I made the dough (basically 3 cups flour, a little salt, a spoon full of sugar, a cup of whey (or water), and some activated dry yeast).

Jaimie made the sauce from some of our frozen tomatoes, an onion, olive oil, and garlic.  There were no exact measurements, just whatever was available.  We topped it with our mozzarella and some basil that we'd frozen from this past summer's garden, and voila - margherita pizza.

Baked it in a 550 degree oven for about 8 minutes.

And this is the result:

(Jaimie is dying for a pizza peel - he keeps mentioning how he wants one, especially that we're making pizza now and he wants to make a pizza/bread oven in the yard this summer).

Jaimie here.  Let me just say that this was the most labor intensive meal I've ever made.  Both of us have been working on it since around 11:00 this morning (not that our intended goal was pizza for dinner).  It was also very cheap entertainment, since we both love making things from scratch in the kitchen.  Eight hours of entertainment and a meal for what the ingredients cost is pretty good value for money, if you ask me.  Lily has been "helping" us all day, too.

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