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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Week 7: $25 in groceries

It's the first date into our week, and we've spent almost all of our $25.

This is what we bought:

$1.99 yogurt (normally we make our own, but sometimes it's good to have a fresh starter batch).
$1.51 flour
$1.99 oats
.49 baking soda
$6.19 goldfish crackers.  I didn't want to really get them, but that's the hazard of shopping with a toddler
$1.12 ketchup.  Again, shopping with a toddler
$1.35 tea
$2.33 cocoa powder.  We needed more chocolate ice cream (some of which we just ate, and it was delicious)
$3.59 heavy cream

That adds up to $20.56 so we have enough for milk for $2.29 and eggs for $1.75, which will bring us under budget!

[We didn't get milk, but we did get Parmesan cheese for $3.29, so that put us $.60 over].

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