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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Week 6: $25 in groceries

The last two weeks we went over, by .62 and $2.   The previous three weeks, though, we were under budget, with $24.76, $24.32, and $24.53.  I was determined to make it under budget this week, and we did.  We said we'd do 3 months, which is about 13 weeks, so we're almost halfway through the challenge!

This is what we bought:

$4.78 for two gallons of whole milk, with coupon
$3.99 for clementines.  Lily loves these and knows how to open them on her own.  It's not local, but it's Real.
$2/2 bags of flax, on sale
$2.99 for wild rice, on sale
$2.99 for semi-sweet chocolate chips, 24 oz.  I didn't really need these for a recipe, and, of course, they are not Real, but it is a good price and I know I'd use them.  Since it's not Real food, it is taxed, and that comes out to $3.05.
$3 for 5 boxes of pasta, with coupon
$5 for 3 packages of cheddar cheese, on sale

That comes out to $24.81, and we're under budget.  I wanted to get cocoa powder, just because we're out but not because we needed it for anything.  We'll wait for next week for that.  Jaimie also wants heavy cream, which we use in so many things, like creme brulee, ice cream, scones, etc.

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