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Thursday, February 16, 2012


I love butter.  I loved it even when it was supposedly bad, because it's got fat or some other goofy reason, and then margarine ended up having that trans-fat problem.  Thankfully, our family didn't care about the health benefits of margarine and we stuck it out with butter.  Yummy, tasty, creamy, delicious butter.  It's not because we were anti-health food.  It's because we are German, and butter is a food group for Germans. 

On another website, I saw this WI creamery that has rolled butter.  Then, I realized that I've had their butter, and it was delicious.  I mean, I wouldn't eat it like my sister's cat used to by just licking it as is, but I like butter in almost everything.  I like to drench my pancakes in it.  I like to drench my potatoes in it.  I know that there are plenty of creameries in Wisconsin, being the dairy state, but rolled butter is just divine.  I think I'm going to have to add rolled butter into our budget.

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