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Friday, February 10, 2012

Week 5: $25 in groceries

This week we didn't really need much but we wanted a few things so we each got something that we wanted that we didn't need to make or was just a splurge.

We bought crackers for $3.99, pretzels for $1, and two more cans of coconut milk for $1 each, for a total of $7.99.
Later we got milk for $4.88 (2 gallons, with coupon).
I mentioned how I was thirsty in a store, and of course, Lily said she was thirsty too, just as we were walking past the juice aisle and right on a package was Cookie Monster.  It was 100% juice, but I usually don't buy it anyway just because water is sufficient.  But, we spent $3.32 on that, and $1.94 on green tea drinks for Jaimie and me.
We'll be picking up two dozen eggs again tomorrow, for $3.50.  Then we'll be getting butter for $1.99.  IF I can get brown sugar for under $1.38 (what is remaining of our $25), then I will get that.  

We're still eating well all week long, and loving every bite.

I did buy brown sugar, and we ended up .62 over budget this week, for a total of $25.62.

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