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Friday, October 7, 2011

Menu planning for the next two weeks (10/9/11)

Sunday 10-9:  We never did get to that Italian polenta.  I'm hoping we get to it while we still have some fresh tomatoes from the garden.

Monday 10-10:  Tacos.  If we make them with beef, then that will be my 4th meal in the past month with a mammal (I just started eating it recently, but only pastured animals).

Tuesday 10-11:  Roasted chicken, carrots & baked potatoes.  It isn't quite as extravagant and time consuming as it sounds.  We use the NuWave oven to roast the chicken and it turns out great in a very short amount of time.

Wednesday 10-12:  Stir fry with the leftover chicken, and whatever veggies we have on hand.

Thursday 10-13:  We need to get on the road to make it to a wedding, so we'll be dining at a restaurant.

Friday 10-14:  My brother's wedding day - eating there.

Saturday 10-15:  My mom likes to make something while we're in town - maybe the last BBQ of the season?

Sunday 10-16:  Squash ravioli.  We've got some in the freezer and it's quick when returning home from a long drive.

Monday 10-17: Couscous made with chicken stock and topped with whatever veggies we have on hand.

Tuesday: 10-18: Black bean and cheese Quesadillas - quick, full of protein and perfect for a night I'll be home late.

Wednesday 10-19:  Roasted lamb, a veggie from the freezer yet to be determined, and rice.

Thursday 10-20:  Pancakes.  Why not?

Friday 10-21:  Chili.  There's no recipe.  I just take the leftover meat (that I've stored in the freezer) from tacos or lamb, toss in beans, spices, onions & wow-wow sauce.  Wow-wow sauce is just the liquid that is leftover from making salsa - no need to waste it - we can it and use it later.

Saturday 10-22:  Pumpkin mac 'n cheese.  I haven't tried this before,  but I saw a recipe in this month's Better Homes and Gardens and it'll be adapted to use whatever we have in the house.

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