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Friday, October 7, 2011


Jaimie here.  Shelly has been doing all the writing since we (she) started this blog, so I guess it's about time I contribute.  So, here's my contribution:  I really love food.  I believe a great meal should move the eater, and every meal should strive to be great.  I accept that few meals will achieve greatness, but they should at least try.  When I cook, I try to produce a meal that's interesting, even if it's not something that will move the eater to tears.  Following are a few photos of recent meals I have made:

This is my summer garden salad with grilled cheese.  The salad is whatever I picked that day, in this case three kinds of tomatoes, zucchini and cucumber with an olive oil and balsamic vinegar dressing.  I think I put fresh basil and oregano in it, too.  The sandwiches are local Wisconsin cheese on Shelly's homemade egg bread.  Yummy!
 Lily's plate of Moroccan chicken (organic but, alas, not local), roasted local russet potatoes, roasted purple potatoes (home grown - good Mommy!) and roasted beets from the farmers' market.

 Breakfast of scratch-made blueberry pancakes (local blueberries!) with our apple butter, our pineapple apple sauce and my mother-in-law's maple syrup.

 Spaghetti with my tomato sauce (three kinds of tomatoes from our garden
with garlic simmered in olive oil)

My three-cheese penne (none of it home-grown, unfortunately, but at least the cheese is local)

Quinoa stuffed pepper (quinoa and our tomatoes and onions)

Here's the meal of pepper and penne!

 Lily's favorite:  Couscous with tomatoes and tilapia.

 As you can see, we try to do as much from our garden as we can.  We're eating so healthy that I can't figure out why I haven't lost more weight.  Oh, wait a minute, yes I can.  I'll post pictures of some of the reasons I haven't lost more weight next time I post.

For now, work hard and enjoy life!


  1. The food looks amazing!! When's dinner?? :)

  2. Come over for dinner any time. We'd love to have you.