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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Saturday night without Dr. Who

Jaimie here again.  I'm taking a break from playing in the kitchen because the mojitos are really starting to hit me.  (I've only had one and a half!)

We had some leftover Key limes, so I zested them and juiced them.  They only produced about a third of a cup of juice, so I thought "mojitos!"  Muddled fresh mint (thank you, global warming!), key lime zest and sugar, just a bit of key lime juice and fill 'er up with rum!  Wow!

There's no Dr. Who tonight because the season ended last week, so we're playing in the kitchen tonight.  We're baking today because we are donating some gift baskets to the Sacred Paths Center Silent Auction and Pie Social on Monday night.  Here's what we're baking:

Mixed berry whole wheat ricotta scones (Lily's favorite!)  In fact, she helped make them.  Here they are in process:

Shelly really does make the world's best scones!  We're also doing pumpkin muffins and, if my hearing is right just now, Shelly and Lily are going to make Halloween bread.

In case you were wondering, here's what I made for breakfast:

French toast (NOT LIBERTY BREAD!!) with homemade applesauce, apple butter and my mother-in-law's maple syrup.  The eggs are local and organic this time, and the bread is Shelly's egg bread.  For a snack, I made Lily some eyeballs:

Totally not local, but really fun.  The eyeballs are lychees stuffed with maraschino cherries.  Lily loves both, and she really got into the idea of eating eyeballs.  I love my little ghoul!

I can really tell Samhain (Halloween, for non-Pagans) is coming.  Our ghosts, who usually keep a low profile, because I don't tolerate ghostly mischief very well, have been much more active than usual.  I've been finding lights on that I remember turning off, doors open when I remember closing them and vice versa, and I've been hearing them stomping about much more than they usually do.

It can't hurt that I've been doing a lot of genealogical research lately, so I've been stirring up ghosts who were laid to rest three or four hundred years ago.  I think we're going to have to have a dumb supper on Samhain, and it's going to be a very busy night.

May your ancestors send you blessings of the season!  Work hard and eat well!

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  1. By the way, I have no idea what Halloween bread is. Lily just asked to make some. I'm guessing it'll be something with pumpkin.