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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Date Night

Does your usual date night include washing two sinks full of dishes?  Ours does!  Our evening babysitter left town, but really, the only difference is that we would go to an occasional movie.  Seriously, Shelly and I have a lot of date nights spent working together in the kitchen. 

Tonight we've been working on breads and muffins for the Sacred Paths Center Pie Social and Silent Auction.  Actually we've been doing double batches so we have some for ourselves as well.  Shelly made scones, per Lily's adamant request, as well.  As far as dishes go, we tend to wash them as we use them, so we don't leave a huge pile for morning.

Yep, this is our idea of a really fun date night.  Hope you have as much fun with whoever you like to spend time with.

1 comment:

  1. It's sooo nice to have a diswasher now. We still do two loads a day when we're on a roll in the kitchen, but at least we don't have to wash them all by hand anymore. Okay, so it's a major appliance, not a gadget, but if you had one, you'd use it, wouldn't you? - Jaimie