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Monday, October 24, 2011

Happy Food Day! (and a 2-week menu for 10/24/11 - 11/6/11)

I hope your Food Day went well.  Food Day is October 24th, starting this year.  It's goal is to bring awareness and change in our diets to eat more real food.  See the last post for more info.

I've decided that our two week plan for a menu generally goes off track a little after we hit the week mark, so it's not what we actually eat.  However, I'm still going to list a two week plan this time around because I'll be gone for most of week 2 and Jaimie doesn't like to be left without dinner ideas.  (Which really, that's what a menu is - just ideas.  If you think of something different than your plan, go for it, but at least you've got an idea in your head to make something for dinner with ingredients you've got on hand).

Monday (today): Spaghetti squash with butter, neeps & tatties (mashed turnips mixed with mashed potatoes).  We were planning on chicken but it is getting late and the chicken is nowhere near done, so vegetarian tends to be quick.

Tuesday: Chicken, turnip greens over couscous

Wednesday: Leftover chicken (it's a huge chicken for being pastured), baked potatoes, carrots & pea pods (we've got to finish off some fresh produce so it doesn't go bad).

Thursday: Quinoa stuffed acorn squash.  Why? Because we have quinoa, we have an acorn squash from the farmer's market, and Jaimie was perusing The Joy of Cooking and found a recipe for it.

Friday:  Leftovers.  Either from earlier in the week or the leftover lamb chili from the freezer

Saturday: We'll be at a pot luck, so Jaimie's making colcannon.  It's mashed potatoes with  mashed cabbage. 

Sunday: Pumpkin mac 'n cheese.  We didn't get to it the last time around and I'd still like to try it.  It seems like the right time too, because it's the night before Halloween.

Monday: Grilled cheese and tomato soup.  It's quick (and warm) so that we have time to go trick-or-treating.

Tuesday:  Squash ravioli.  It's also quick because we have it in the freezer and it's yoga night.

Wednesday: Leftover chili from the freezer (I'm out of town).

Thursday: Leftover beef stew from the freezer

Friday: Steak, baked potatoes & any random veggie from the freezer that can easily be warmed (Jaimie's getting a lot of mammal while I'm gone).  He can share a steak with Lily and the rest is quick.

Saturday: Black bean quesadillas

Sunday: Italian polenta.  We didn't get to eat this nearly as often as we would have liked, so we'll make good use of the frozen tomatoes and zucchini.

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