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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Pickling beans and peas

Today I harvested over a gallon of green beans and almost as many pea pods.  We had a hearty dinner of sweet and sour beans and carrots over rice cooked in our broth (which we were very crazily making today, turning on the stove for an extended period of time, despite the heat).

We still had a ton of fresh beans and peas.  Since we froze about a gallon of each just days ago, we decided to work on the dilly beans.  I couldn't find the dilly bean recipe we used last year so I used this one because it had 20 reviews, all very positive.  We didn't have mustard however, so we left it out.  I don't really care for it that much anyway and I generally just tolerate that part. 
After sterilizing our jars and packing the beans, we realized that we had only enough for 4 pints when I'd sterilized 9 jars.  So, I wondered if we could pickle pea pods too, and it turns out that there are recipes for that.  The recipe I used called for some honey and a sprig of mint, which we happened to have.  We used some honey I bought at the farmer's market and the vendor informed me that it was the stuff that comes out when otherwise pouring off the honey - it's still edible and tasty but it's more creamy.  It looked and tasted like honey frosting.  It was a bit odd, though, to come across a dead bee body, so I did feel like I should double check the honey in the jars to make certain there wasn't any dead bodies in the jars.  While discussing with my MIL about how the FDA allowed so many bug parts in peanut butter and such, I determined that the honey in the jars didn't have any bodies in there.
Anyway, so we had enough pea pods to fill the rest of the slightly short dilly bean jar and four more pint jars. 

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