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Monday, July 16, 2012

Crafty times at Main Street Homestead

Now that my MIL has moved in with us, there's much more going on in the area of arts and crafts.  I'm a much more practical person, and with as much as we have going on all the time, we don't get to many crafting sessions with the girls other than coloring in coloring books.  We generally don't ever make anything.  But, that's changing.  Nini, as she is referred to, is very crafty.  She sews, paints, and other crafty things.  She's already made the girls some adorable tulle tutus.

Here's some of the other crafts that are added to Main Street Homestead now that Nini has joined us:

Painted gourd bird houses

Canvas bags sewn and painted with cute animals

We decided to make some fairy doors too, and here's a picture of our 3-year-old helping her Nini paint them.

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