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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Menu plan Monday (on Tuesday)

Last week we didn't publish a menu because it was so hectic with getting the produce in and processed (frozen and/or pickled) that we just ate veggies over quinoa/rice/couscous. 

On Friday though, my MIL made salmon patties.  I haven't ever had them before, and was unable to eat seconds because there were none left after the girls devoured them.  I guess we'll be having those again, or the girls may riot.  

Monday:  Jaimie wasn't feeling well and I had to work late, so we had fried chicken (from the store), rice and plums.  We forgot to cook the beet greens so we decided to eat plums.

Tuesday:  Pho (rice noodle soup).  Jaimie used beet greens, green beans, carrots, cilantro, basil, coriander (toasted, then ground), fish sauce, rice vinegar, chicken stock and sesame oil.

Wednesday:  We'll be having a cook out with friends, so we'll have to pick up something grillable.

Thursday:  capellini pomodoro

Friday:  Potato leek soup with fresh bread

Saturday:  BSTs (bacon/fake bacon, spinach & tomato)

Sunday: TBD when we find out what we get at the farmer's market on Saturday, and what we harvest from the garden.  I'm guessing something roasted because that just sounds delicious.

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