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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Thrift store finds

This weekend we went thrift store shopping.  With all the weight I've lost (not sure if it's from our Real food diet, breastfeeding, or a combination of both), I needed some work clothes that I wasn't swimming in.  Of course, with 50% off thrift store prices, we bought more than just some dress pants and tops.  Jaimie found a spring form pan for only a couple dollars.  Yes, we have one, but he says that a home with one spring form pan needs another.  I told him that if he spent $2 on something we already owned, we would at least need to welcome the new pan into our home by using it, so he made a cheesecake. 

We also found camping dishes.  Camping dishes you say?  Why a separate set of dishes for camping?  The reason is simple.  We camp - a lot.  It's fun, relatively inexpensive, and we go to the same events every year so that we can visit with the friends we meet there.  The dish set that we bought was a set of 12 bowls, 12 plates, 12 forks/knives/spoons, a serving platter, a serving bowl, a chip & dip tray, and a large bin that it goes in that we'll use for a washing bin.  All of that for a grand total of $12.49.  The camping dishes will fit well in the storage area of our pop-up camper and we won't have to think about packing them.  (This is our first year with our camper so I'll be packing it with what I think we'll need and then we'll reassess from there, though we're seasoned tent campers). 

Jaimie is always bugging me about covering my head.  Despite my pale complexion, with my very thick head of hair, I don't feel that sunburn on my scalp is an issue (except for the one time in the Bahamas when I totally forgot to put sunblock between my many cornrow braids so that my scalp got burned between the braids - ouch).  Of course, I do realize that a hat will also protect the face and neck to some extent, and I do make the kiddos wear them outside most of the time, especially because their hair is so thin.  My MIL was looking at hats and found a bright pink hat that had great personality, so of course Jaimie thought that I should look at the hats as well.  Unlike our fashionable girls, I am not a hat person.  I just don't generally find anything that is appealing to me.  However, I did find a red hat (with the original tag still on it!) that I actually like. 

So, all in all, it was a pretty successful time thrifting.  Though we are purging from our home (and having our own rummage sale in a couple of weeks during our town's annual festival), I still have a few things I'll be keeping my eye out for when we inevitably go thrift store shopping (or rummage sale shopping) again.  

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