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Friday, May 4, 2012

Menu plan 4/30/12

The past week we've gone out to eat a lot, which really makes the menu plan not work terribly well.  So, this week was quite a bit of repeats from last week that we didn't get to.

Sunday:  leftover chicken, carrots in brown sugar sauce, couscous

Monday: fish tacos with mango pineapple salsa and avocados
Tuesday: BBQ chicken pizza

Wednesday: falafel (with leftover mango pineapple salsa and baba ganoush)

Thursday:  out to eat when we used up some coupons for free rides at Nickolodeon Universe in the MOA.  Unfortunately, we then ate food court food.  Expensive and not very tasty or satisfying.

Friday:  Cheese quesadillas with choice of leftover dips/salsas (cherry salsa, baba ganoush, corn salsa from our day care provider, and a little mango pineapple salsa).

Saturday:  burgers on the grill with pickled veggies (beets, peppers, cukes)

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