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Monday, June 4, 2012

Menu plan

With eating the leftover chicken and lamb for most of the week, I am just about unable to handle any more meat.  This week will be very slim on that form of protein.  With all the lettuce we're getting, we'll be having salads most nights.

Sunday:  Dinner at the in-laws' place

Monday:  Cheese tortellini, and since Jaimie found them and couldn't resist, pierogis.

Tuesday:  chicken tacos.  We have to use up the chicken and they can have this dinner while I'm at yoga class.  Then I'll have some other leftovers when I get home.

Wednesday:  Black bean quesadillas with salsa.

Thursday:  quinoa burgers with pickled veggies. 

Friday: rehearsal dinner for a wedding

Saturday:  dinner at a wedding

Sunday:  Falafel with tahini and homemade hummus, and leftover baba ganoush from the freezer.

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