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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Menu plan

Menu (not so much a plan, but a report)

Monday: Salad!  From our garden!  Lots of fresh lettuce, lamb's quarters, and even radishes.  We put in some hard boiled eggs and other nutritious things. 

Tuesday:  fish & rice.  We forgot the veggies, so we had pickled veggies.

Wednesday:  chicken & couscous.  Again, forgot the veggies, so more pickles.

Thursday: chicken noodle salad with carrots in it (yay! we remembered veggies, but only because they were in the salad). 

Friday:  out to eat

Saturday: BBQ chicken pizza and garlic chicken pizza with white sauce.  Once batch of pizza dough makes two thin crust pizzas.  And FRESH salad!

We have been regularly eating fresh veggies from the garden this week.  It's nice that we are now at a point where we can do that.  There's not so much variety yet, but the garden is flourishing and looks promising. 

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