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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Menu planning for the next two weeks (9/26/11)

Our menu plan is generally based on what we have in the house, what needs to be used quickly so it doesn't go bad, and what we have going on (to know how much time we have to prepare it).  I work full-time while Jaimie goes to school full-time.  We have an active toddler and an infant that needs attention, so some days we just don't have as much time.  On Tuesdays, when I teach a yoga class, Jaimie makes a quick meal or has leftovers (or must-goes, as we sometimes call them).  When I'm home to take care of the girls while Jaimie cooks, he can linger a little longer in the kitchen.  Most of our meals tend to be vegetarian, but with less fresh produce, we'll likely be heading toward more meat as the cold approaches.  I also tend to change our menu as the week progresses, depending on what leftovers we have too much of to have just for lunch.

Monday: Italian polenta - Jaimie makes the polenta earlier in the day or the night before and then bakes it right before dinner.  We generally add tomatoes and zucchini on the polenta, which are plentiful at the end of the summer season.  We started making this last year after trying to find something to use up those veggies and we loved it.  You could add your own toppings, or just serve polenta as a side dish with butter.

Tuesday:  Pasta.  It's quick and easy for a Tuesday night, and we still have to use up more tomatoes.  It helps that our daughter absolutely loves tomatoes.

Wednesday: Out to eat.  We're attending an out-of-town family funeral.

Thursday: Quinoa stuffed peppers and fried plantain.  We tried quinoa for the first time not too long ago and it's pretty good.  It counts against eating local, but it is a one-ingredient food.  We have some peppers to use up from the farmer's market, and we have to use up the plantain from the clearance rack at the Asian food store.  We had some plantain earlier and it was pretty bland, but it's really good with jalapeno jelly.

Friday:  Curried potatoes and rice

Saturday: Chickpea burgers (basically, a large burger-sized falafel)

Sunday: Wild rice soup


Monday: Couscous and whatever fresh veggies we have (Jaimie makes the couscous in chicken broth).  Our 2-year-old loves couscous and gets excited whenever we have it.  Thankfully, it's very easy to make.

Tuesday:  Black bean quesadillas.  I wasn't so certain about my quesadilla maker, but it's actually a very cool appliance now that we use it.  It's a simple meal with black beans and shredded cheese (maybe some meat if there's leftovers), and dip it in salsa. 

Wednesday: Grilled cheese and tomato soup.  I don't know why my mind went to easy meals for three days in a row, but it works.  Our grilled cheese is made with delicious WI cheese (local), and my homemade egg bread.

Thursday: Egg foo young.  Jaimie loves this one. 

Friday: Corn chowder is on the menu, though it may be pad thai by the time this day rolls around.

Saturday: Lamb skewers (from our friends' lamb), baked potatoes and veggies.  If it's nice enough, maybe we can do this on the grill.

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