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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Fast food, alcohol, and honoring ancestors

We went to my grandfather's funeral today.  The church ladies were very nice and provided a luncheon after the service.  Unfortunately, we had to stop for something on the way because of the length of the drive.  We stopped for fast food.  It is definitely NOT real food.  Fast food will kill you in the long run, but when you need something in your belly you'll stop for whatever is available.  We know that it's just fuel, something to keep you going, but it's not something we'd want to ingest on a regular basis.  We generally feel crappy after eating fast food, which tends to happen to us because our bodies aren't used to it (not that we want our bodies to get used to it).  It doesn't help that we've got some kind of crud that our immune systems are trying to fight off, and now it has to fight this off too.  I think this is my reminder that we need to plan ahead a bit better and pack a snack/lunch bag, or maybe hunt down a grocery store. 

It also didn't help that the church served really good cake, and we had several pieces of different kinds.  Grief must lower your willpower.

While the church that held the service and provided the luncheon was the one that gramps attended, that's not to say he was a very godly man in the sense that others would consider godly.  He drank, smoke, and swore.  Indeed, beer and shots were made available at his home after the service.  He was known for having a beer and a shot.  His shot of preference was whiskey with peppermint schnapps.  As I'm breastfeeding a baby that's not even on solids yet, and I was going to be driving home, I skipped the beer.  I tasted just a sip of the shot given to Jaimie.  It was terrible, but most everyone there downed it anyway, in honor of grandpa. 

Grandpa was "preceded in death," as they say, by his granddaughter, my sister.  Tanya died 2 1/2 years ago.  On her birthday, I bake (or convince Jaimie to bake) something that she would have loved.  The year before last it was creme brulee and last year it was a khalua chocolate cake.  This year, I think we'll make tiramisu.  So, I was thinking that maybe we could make a brew in grandpa's honor.  It only seems fair.  But, if I do that for grandpa, I should do it for grandma that passed last year, and ones that have passed before that.  It's all about honoring the ancestors.  I think food and drink are great ways to connect to the people you love, past and present.

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