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Monday, September 26, 2011

Acts of Love and Pleasure

At first I wanted to name this blog All Acts of Love and Pleasure.  The reason is that we do all that we do as an act of love and it's pleasing to do it.  We love our home, we love our environment, we love the Earth, we love our children, we love each other.  We take all of that love and put it in to what we feed ourselves and our children.  Of course, this blog is not named All Acts of Love and Pleasure, mostly because friends suggested that it would attract the attention of the FBI as a potential pornography site.  So, on second thought, we decided against that name.  But, the intent stays the same.  We want our food to be grown with love, the animals we will eat to be raised and grown in a natural and healthy environment, and the cooking done as an act of giving and caring for our children and ourselves.

This was in my mind as I happened upon an article that suggested that we need to appreciate the pleasure of nourishing each other.  It also noted that eating junk food is not necessarily cheaper than eating healthily.  I've got to agree on both counts.

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