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Monday, September 26, 2011

As the wheel of the year turns

It's fall now and it feels like the perfect time for soups, warm breads and comfort foods.  We've already changed the menu by having wild rice soup tonight because our toddler isn't feeling well and soup is good for helping with that.  The change of the season makes me want to bake, and take in the autumn scents.  Something with honey or apples will be my preference.  We love the smell of apple butter in the crock pot, but we're not willing to deal with anymore apples because we've already spent two weekends on it.  Maybe I can get a nice smelling apple butter scented candle. 

As the year progresses into cooler weather, I wonder if our daughter's fever is another ear infection.  Her recurring ear infections the last two years have made me consider a spot in our garden for medicinal herbs.  I know that mullein is helpful for earaches, and we have one growing in the crack of our driveway that I couldn't bring myself to pull out, even though next year, when it's two years old and flowering (I'll need the flowers to make the oil), it'll be in the way of the side door entrance.  Unless Jaimie gets tired of it, I think I'll keep it there until I get one to grow in the backyard.  I love the soft leaves of it.

It's also coming to cold and flu season.  Last year I made yarrow tincture, which helps with that, but tastes terrible, so I suggest having it with honey and tea.  It's alcohol based so it'll last, so I didn't make more this year.

Yarrow tincture, according to some of my herbalist friends, is also good for bug spray.  Just put 6-8 drops in a cup of water and apply frequently.  No oils, no additives, no nasty smell.  It works too.  I suppose this info isn't as helpful because yarrow is gone now for the season and the mosquitoes aren't around as much, but keep it in mind for next year.

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