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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Our adventure with 8 girls (& the menu plan for 11 people)

We have been crazy busy the last couple of weeks because we had 6 extra girls in our household, totaling 8 children including our own two.  We tried to eat all Real food, but it seemed nearly impossible when we went camping one week and had them all at the house for the next week.  Going through 2 loaves of bread a day meant that we were buying most loaves rather than baking our own.  We still did bake but probably not even 1/4 of what we went through.  Still, we were successful in getting all the girls to eat rather healthily, and despite the occasional request for some candy, no one even complained that no Doritos or Pepsi were offered.  When the eldest teen, 14, arrived with a nearly empty bag of Doritos, I informed her that we wouldn't be having anything like that for the two weeks we'd have them with us.

This is what we ate while camping:
Monday: Grilled cheese (with store bought bread) with wild rice soup
Tuesday:  Make your own pizza night
Wednesday: Pasta with homegrown tomatoes and herbs
Thursday: Tacos with several homegrown items
Friday: roasted chicken and vegetables (carrots, beets, potatoes)
Saturday: chicken fried rice with the leftover chicken.

We were able to do this all with our NuWave oven and a griddle, along with a propane stove.  The girls all had chores to do to make our lives easier (usually meal clean-up or prep).

Our campsite

When we returned, we had all 8 girls again for the following week.  This is what we had at home:

Monday:  turkey burgers
Tuesday: alfredo ravioli
Wednesday:  pizza from a pizza place for a beach picnic (this was the first day the girls were allowed soda)
Thursday: I can't even remember!
Friday: Roasted chicken, roasted sweet potatoes and potatoes, and corn on the cob
Saturday: Tacos

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