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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Menu plan

This week we're back to the family of 5, sans 3 cousins and one of their friends, sans two nieces - just Jaimie, me, our two girls and Jaimie's mother.  My MIL made bread today, which made me very happy.  We pulled off pieces of it with dinner tonight because it was still too warm to cut. 

For this week we have planned:

Monday: turkey cheese burgers with garden veggies
Tuesday: leftover dried tomato risotto from the freezer, chicken fried zucchini, and fresh bread
Wednesday:  Falafel with garden veggies, tzatziki made with garden cucumbers, with homemade pitas
Thursday: Spaghetti squash.  We must eat this because I just harvested 4 large ones today, along with the two we already had.  Anyone who comes over will likely be gifted a spaghetti squash.
 Friday:  Roasted beets and carrots over quinoa with banana mashed potatoes. 

We went to a flea market and there was a bulk food vendor.  We bought 25 lbs of carrots and 25 lbs of beets for $12 each.  We have stored them in the basement in damp sand so they'll last through the winter but it's always good to taste test the produce.  As for the banana mashed potatoes, we tried this a few weeks ago at a Caribbean restaurant that we love (they also have habanero chocolate cake that I've tried to duplicate but mine is still not as moist).  We'll have to make up a recipe and play with it, but cooking should be an adventure. 

Saturday:  We'll be at a wedding so we'll eat there, and get to see my newest niece that was born today!

Sunday: Back home and having leftovers.

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  1. My (Jaimie's) mother really doesn't like beets, so I decided to make salmon with dill/cucumber sauce along with the roasted beets and some roasted spuds. For the dill/cucumber sauce, I'm going to use the rest of the leftover tsatziki I made for the other day's falafel.

    I'm going to roast the spuds because the idea of banana mashed potatoes just doesn't appeal to me right now. Oddly, I've been craving fried plantains with jalapeno jelly for quite a while. We'll see how it turns out.