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Saturday, August 4, 2012

A successful trip to the library

I was borrowing books from the library when the self check-out machine decided not to work.  I returned a book called Put 'em Up and it was on the counter waiting to be checked in.  A woman was at the counter looking at the book while I went up to check out at the counter.  She was asking about whether she could check it out because it looked interesting and I told her that it had a lot of great recipes in it.  She then mentioned how they had been canning cherry pie filling.  The woman behind the counter asked where she got the cherries.  It turns out that the other library patron buys fruit in bulk and sells from her house by the bushel.  I had to get in on that so I got her contact info.  Cherries were already out of season and blueberries were coming in.  We had our fill of blueberries when we went to a u-pick place a few weeks ago, so I waited for the next fruit to come in: peaches.  I bought one bushel (the smallest amount to buy), and planned what we'll do.  Since we didn't end up making peach butter with the peaches from the farmer's market a few weeks ago (they went into the freezer because we were busy doing other things), I wanted to make some this time.  I'll try both the sugar-free kind and this recipe made with honey and ginger.  Jaimie's mother will be making a peach crumble.  We'll also likely try out these spiced pickled peaches

Usually I get overwhelmed with the massive amounts of food we have to put away (we honestly spent more than 10 hours harvesting, cleaning, blanching, freezing, etc. this past weekend), but I am actually impatiently waiting for our peaches to ripen so I can work with them.

One bushel (50 lbs) of peaches - waiting to ripen

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