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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Menu plan

We'll be switching the falafel from Sunday to this Wednesday.

Sunday (today):  Pasta with garlic scapes from our garden, probably with an alfredo sauce.

Monday:  Baked tilapia over rice, with turnips and peas from the freezer.

Tuesday:  Chili with ground beef and leftover beans, made with some tomato sauces canned last year.

Wednesday:  Falafel with homemade garbanzo bean hummus and baba ganoush from the freezer.  I think we may even try homemade pita bread too.

Making the falafel

All done and ready to put in the homemade pitas

Thursday:  tacos - either fish or ground meat, or vegetarian

Friday: Pizza - homemade crust with homemade sauce from last year's tomatoes, basil from the garden, and mozzarella.  Just writing this, I want it already.

Saturday:  must-goes

Next Sunday we'll be leaving to go camping for a week.  We'll have a menu plan of stuff that we can make outside, but with a griddle, a NuWave oven, and other kitchen gadgets, we will likely have an ability to make just about anything we want.

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