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Monday, June 25, 2012

Menu plan Monday

We're home from camping, when meals are pretty specifically planned but then changed as needed to use things up before coming home.  We had two feasts during the camping trip, which means potluck, which means a great variety of foods and only having to prepare one thing.  For the first feast, Jaimie cooked a lamb and I made a pie. 
For the second feast, Jaimie made corn and grease.  In corn and grease, it's basically half a package of bacon cooked, then 5 cans of hominy (he uses two yellow and three white), then add several handfuls of cranberries right before you're done, mixing it up quickly and serving immediately.

Our harvest has started to come in, so we'll be making dinners based on what is growing.  We've already got peas and beans to freeze. 

Monday:  Pasta with (store-bought) tomatoes, peas, olive oil, and onions.  Jaimie also made a second pasta dish with golden raisins, onions, and balsamic vinegar.

Tuesday:  Quesadillas.  We need to use up some cheese, and the beans will be a great form of protein.  Some homemade salsa would be a tasty addition.  This is one of those meals that we need to prepare ahead of time, because the beans need to soak and then cook. 

Wednesday:  Falafel.  We'll need to prep the dried chickpeas ahead of time, so this week we need to be up on knowing what is on the week's menu.  We have some baba ganoush in the freezer still, and some tomatoes to use up that we bought while camping.

Thursday:  Chicken, with roasted corn, and green beans. 

Friday:  Quinoa (pronounced keen-wa), made with chicken broth, covered in whatever fresh veggies we have from the garden. 

Saturday:  Potluck at our friends' house.  I'm thinking a strawberry rhubarb pie.  

Sunday:  BBQ chicken sandwiches made with the leftover chicken from Thursday. 

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