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Monday, April 16, 2012

Fire starters

Campfire and backyard fire season is upon us.  It's the perfect time to make some fire starters to help create the perfect fire.  This is a trick that Rendezvous goers use. (Rendezvous-ers are people who are living historians). With the recent Ostara/Passover/Easter holidays over you may have some egg cartons lying around.  And maybe, since you were likely using your dryer over the winter rather than putting laundry out on the line, you may have some dryer lint lying around.

If you also have some spent candles, then you've got all you need.  (If you don't have any spent candles, you could buy some cheap paraffin.  The point is not to spend a lot of money on this).

It's an easy enough process.  You just pack the egg cartons bottoms with lint and then cover it with melted wax (it doesn't have to be completely covered, just enough to hold in the lint).  You can toss two or three pods into the bottom of a fire pit and light 'em up under a stacked pile of wood.

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