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Sunday, December 11, 2011

menu plan for the week (12/6/11)

When you don't feel well, menu planning isn't so easy.  The whole house had a not-so-nice stomach issue, so it was all about making ourselves feel better.  We had some bland food, some easy to make stuff, and some soup, because that's what you eat when you don't feel well (it does help that all the food still tasted good).

Monday: beans and rice.  We'd bought some dry beans rather than canned and they are delicious (I'm sure it's the spices Jaimie put in).  He also put in salsa.

Tuesday: leftovers

Wednesday:  Grilled cheese

Thursday: beef roast with potatoes in the slow cooker

Friday: slow cooker root veggie soup.  The grocery store has some organic, local root vegetables this time of year and we love them roasted or in soup.  The pack comes with turnips, carrots (3 colors), and parsnips.  We also add celeriac (celery root).

Saturday: leftovers

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  1. It's the celeriac and parsnips that make the root soup so good. One or the other is essential, but both make it sooo much better.