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Monday, December 19, 2011

menu plan for the week (12/19/11)

Monday:  scrambled eggs (we still have a lot of eggs, and with all that's going on we needed something easy).

Tuesday:  potato leek soup - from the freezer.  We're expecting a cow hide weighing 150-175 lbs. and need to make freezer space by next week.   Most of our meals will be whatever we can use up (and we just recently started to stock up the freezers).

Wednesday:  chicken, frozen veggies, rice (our Yule dinner)

Thursday:  beef stew - from the freezer.

Friday:  leftover chicken, more frozen veggies

Saturday:  It's x-mas Eve and we'll be dining with the in-laws

Sunday:  Christmas day and we'll be dining with more in-laws!

That was an easy week of planning!

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