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Sunday, November 6, 2011

spelt tortillas with dinner tonight

Tonight I tried out my tortilla press.  You've got to use plastic (like a cut plastic bag) on both sides of the press.  Don't use wax paper because it'll stick.  We learned the hard way.

I had some spelt flour that I've been waiting to use on something but wasn't sure what to do with it.  I'd read that it doesn't tend to be as lofty of a loaf if used in bread, but tortillas are supposed to be flat so I figured I'd try it on that.  The tortillas obviously don't come out as perfectly round as you get in the store, but they were still good.  I would have liked it if I'd gotten them a little more flat.  With them being slightly thicker, we thought that we could probably make pitas with the same recipe and it would hold its shape.

Jaimie made something tasty to fill the tortillas. He used chicken breasts, dried peppers and dried tomatoes from our garden, a bunch of seasonings from the cupboard and a little of whatever was in the fridge.  It turned out fabulous.  We had that along with some fried plantains with jalapeno jelly for dipping.

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