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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Menu plan for the week (11/6/11)

Monday:  Egg foo young.  Jaimie makes this taste good, even though I've never liked it before.  Plus, we didn't use as many eggs as we thought we would last week and we've got a lot to use up.

Tuesday: Soup with winter melon.  We bought some winter melon at the Asian market.  I thought that it would be sweet like a regular melon.  Looking it up online, it is not sweet and is meant for soups and such.  So, we'll make up something with it, likely along with the onions we got.  Like anything else, it'll be an experiment.

Wednesday: Quinoa and acorn squash

Thursday: Spaghetti squash, rice and lamb.  I cannot believe how tasty the spaghetti squash was last time with just some butter.  Normally I would use it like pasta (hence the name), but I like it as a side too.

Friday: Leftover lamb, carrots & purple potatoes.  We didn't do so well on growing potatoes this year but we got a few purple ones that I'm excited to eat.  We'd had them roasted once before.  I don't know whether we'll roast them with the carrots, or mash them.  Either way, they'll be tasty.

Saturday: We've got company coming and not much time for cooking.  I think we'll have a whole chicken, baked potatoes, and a veggie yet to be determined.  It takes time to do the chicken, but once it's in you just let it go, so it doesn't take too much effort.

Sunday:  We'll be brewing on the 13th, so we'll figure out something quick from the freezer (leftovers of some sort likely).

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