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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Preserving apples

Last month we were able to go a local restaurant that is surrounded by an apple orchard.  They allow families to take two free bags of apples.  I asked, and the owner informed me (as we were dining on some delicious food in the restaurant) that he doesn't spray anything on them.

With that many apples, we needed to preserve them, because there was no way we were going to eat that many fresh.  We had enough apple sauce and apple pie filling from last year, so we decided against making more of those.  We made some faux mince pie filling (vegetarian) with apples and green tomatoes, some mini pies, frozen apples, apple butter, and dried apples.  We also made some apple head dolls

When preserving a lot, this peeler/corer saves time

We put our apple butter in the crock pot overnight so it's ready to can in the morning.

These crab apples were for caramel crab apple jelly

Some apple goodies, with the dehydrator also making dried tomatoes

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